"Should you desire the great tranquility, prepare to sweat." - Hakuin


Beginner Class

While holding the rank of a white belt, students will attend the beginner class until graduating to an orange belt and/or the instructor(s) feel they are able to join the advanced class. The class has a slower pace than the advanced class, and allows for more personal instruction. Generally, only white and orange belts attend this class.

Adult Advanced Class

Adults (14+ yrs old) will have up to 5 opportunities during the week in which to attend class.  These classes are fast-paced, generally taught by Grandmaster Jeun, and contains ranks from orange belt to black belt.  The vigorous exercise is great a cardio workout, and advanced techniques are taught dependent on rank.  This class allows students the opportunity to work with others of their own rank, as well as those who are more experienced.

Children Advanced Class

Children will have 3 opportunities throughout the week in which to attend class. These classes are taught at a pace intermediate to the beginner and adult advanced classes, are sometimes taught by Grandmaster Jeun, and contains ranks from orange belt to black belt. This class allows children (ages 6-13) to train and exercise together, learn advanced techniques, and receive a higher degree of attention from instructors. Students may be encouraged to attend the adult class before the age of 14, if recommended by the instructor(s).


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