Growing up, Grandmaster Jeun was a shy and sickly child. In 1958, with his older brother's encouragement, he started Tae Kwon Do lessons at the age of 12. Under the instruction of Grandmaster Duk Sung Son, and later, Grandmasters Woon Kyu Uhm and Hae Man Park, Grandmaster Jeun began training to improve his physical constitution.

Five days a week, for at least two hours a day, he would practice basic patterns, kicks, and forms. His desire was to be strong and responsible. Only a few of the other students in his class were able to match his hard work and dedication to training; and by the age of 13, Grandmaster Jeun became one of the youngest, first-degree black belts in Korea. Yet, his goal was to continually improve and become better through training.

Grandmaster Jeun continued to work diligently at the ancient art. At the age of 17, he participated in the first national Tae Kwon Do championship held in Korea in 1963, and became a national Tae Kwon Do champion, his photograph splashed across the newspapers of his homeland. The once shy and sickly boy had grown into a strong, young man.


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